Features of the service

Get data from your customers and learn about their buying and purchasing habits

Reduce the costs associated with intermediary retailers and advertising platforms

Have full control over your promotional campaigns

Improve your brand's online presence

Available for both ebooks and audiobooks

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How you can use StreetLib Direct for your marketing campaigns?


Acquire new contacts to add to your mailing list

The Direct service allows you to create customizable landing pages and generate coupon codes. Set up the page, share it on social media, and invite users to download the content associated with that code - using the coupon. To access the free content, users must provide their email address and give their consent to its use. Simple, right? With a single marketing activity, you will get new contacts and boost your online presence by gaining more visibility with new users, who may turn into loyal readers!


Forget email attachments and deliver your free content with just one click

Thanks to coupon codes, Direct allows you to manage the distribution of free content to press offices, events, training courses, and launches. You can send the coupon code by email, so users can download the content simply by clicking on the link they’ll find on the landing page. This is a simple and effective way to leave behind the need for email attachments, track the number of downloads, and monitor your content’s time and mode of use.


Manage your distribution with business partners without intermediaries

Coupon codes can also be used to manage sales to business partners (schools, libraries, companies) who have purchased your content to distribute it to other users. With Direct, you can generate the codes, associate them with the specific content and send them by email to the sales representative who, in turn, can do the same thing with their users. Direct sales management allows you to save money by removing the use of intermediaries, track downloads and have access to user data, such as email addresses and content usage information.

New features are coming soon

Customizable landing pages

Generating discount codes

Complete e-commerce platform

Mobile App for reading and listening

Printing a QRCode that points to the landing page inside the POD book

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