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Transition Smoothly into Digital Publishing

If legacy print systems are holding your business back from digital success, StreetLib provides capabilities designed specifically for today's indie publishing realities, not outdated models. Adopt tools optimized for the digital-first era.

Reach Readers <mark>Worldwide</mark>

Reach Readers Worldwide

Indie publishers often struggle to distribute globally and find readers. StreetLib enables you to expand your reach to over 39,000 retailers and libraries across more than 50 partnerships, while retaining full rights and control.

Work with a True Partner in <mark>Independent Publishing</mark>

Work with a True Partner in Independent Publishing

As an indie publisher, you need a vendor who understands your needs, not just their own bottom line. StreetLib operates as a true partner, not a competitor. Their indie focus, global expertise, and ongoing innovation means developing technology that helps you adapt and succeed.

Purpose-Built Tools for <mark>Book Publishers</mark>

Purpose-Built Tools for Book Publishers

With StreetLib Write and StreetLib the process of creating and distributing your digital books is simple. We’ve created tools designed to optimize digital-first publishing. Simply upload files and the book information and you’re ready to publish.

Publish Your Books Everywhere <mark>All at Once</mark>

Publish Your Books Everywhere All at Once

We support all current and emerging digital publishing models, such subscriptions, pay-per-time, pay-per-page, single copy sales, bulk sales, direct to consumer, and product bundling.

Sell Globally, Informed by <mark>Data</mark>

Sell Globally, Informed by Data

Digital-first means focusing on ebooks and audiobooks as the primary formats, harnessing the power and flexibility of digital distribution. Our platform helps you optimize your publication process for digital from the start with our best-in-class real-time sales analytics, allowing you to take advantage of innovative digital monetization models.

StreetLib offers a Free plan allowing any indie authors and publishers to distribute their ebooks to a limited number of international retailers and subscription apps with no upfront costs and a generous 70% share of revenue.

Go Pro

Professional authors and publishers have the opportunity to Go Pro and distribute their ebooks and audiobooks with a global audience, a lower distribution commission and much more:

Are you a Publishing House with 1000$+/month in digital sales?
Please get in touch with us in order to receive a larger revenue share, maintain control over pricing and distribution, and enjoy additional benefits like personalized title management services, access to publishing professionals, and enhanced marketing opportunities.

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  • I published two titles, a philosophical essay and a novel. The assistance was excellent, great availability when problems arose, and great distribution work; the offer was convenient and the final product was of high quality, better than I could imagine. I will definitely continue to work with them and I highly recommend Streetlib both to those who have the skills to prepare everything on their own, and to those who only need to use a few of the services offered at reasonable prices (for example, editor or cover). In short, really satisfied!

  • Streetlib is a very easy-to-use distribution platform. A serious service when answering questions and payments are punctual. I recommend it to everyone!

  • What most characterizes the Streetlib digital platform is the comprehensiveness of the service offered: from the creation of the ebook to the promotion, from the analysis of sales data to billing data, the process is easy and intuitive. The support from the dedicated team is also great.

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